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At Bee Best Bee Removal we offer a variety of services to help control your bee problem. We perform live bee swarm removals and relocate the bees to a farm, beekeeper, or apiary. Our  live removals are pesticide -free and environmentally friendly. Let us help you save those bees. In addition to saving the bees we are also able to offer traditional bee eliminations whenever the bees are aggressive or put your family at risk. Africanized bees are a threat in San Diego and we are certified by the state of California as Africanized Bee experts. If bees build a hive inside your home, we can extract the hives from walls, chimneys, roofs, under sheds, and other areas where bees like to build a hive. In certain cases we can also “bee proof” areas where a hive has been removed to exclude bees from re-entering.

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Live Removal

Want to Help Save the Bees?
We always try to do everything we can to not kill bees while out on a job. If you find bees on your property there’s a possibility we can humanly remove them. Learn more about our methods here or give us a call.

Structure Hive Removal and repair

Structural Removal

Do you have a swarm or hive in your commercial office or home?
Did bees build a hive inside the wall or roof of your home? Believe it or not, it’s quite common for bees to build a hive inside the structure of your home.


Commercial Bee Services

We can remove bees from your commercial business.
Learn about how we can help you and your business get your bee problem under control.

Our Other Services


Bee Proofing

How can we reduce the amount of bee issues we have?

Homes in San Diego are the perfect candidates for bee problems. We offer an array of bee proofing and prevention methods to help reduce the cost and number of bee problems inside your home.


Saving Bees is a Priority but elimination is used sparingly

There are times when we are forced to eliminate bees instead of doing a live removal.

Public safety is always our number one priority. We will not perform a live removal if it puts our clients’ families, neighbors, and/or pets at risk. Learn more about eliminations.


Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

Are Wasps, Yellow Jackets or Hornets bugging you?
We also remove other stinging insects such as hornet and wasps. They can be a problem for you and your family. Inside we give you some photos and tips on how to identify their camouflaged nests and what to do in case you see one.