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Want to help save the bees? We can help. If you have a swarm or small hive in your yard, don’t kill them. Hire us and we will make sure they get a good home.

Performing live swarm removals and relocating the bees to a new home is our favorite type of service that we provide. Not all jobs qualify, but if the conditions are right, we always prefer to remove the bees alive.

If you have a non aggressive swarm and they are easily accessible, a live removal might be the best way to handle the problem. Assuming the bees are not aggressive we can relocate the swarm by smoking them and putting them in a box. Not only do the bees get to live happily ever after in a new home, but no pesticides are usually needed and it’s environmentally friendly. The goal is to get them to a beekeeper that will re queen the colony and help increase the bee population here in San Diego County.

Common Places we Find Bees