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Smoking Bee in a Beekeepers backyardWe at Bee Best Bee Removal are proud to donate our time and bee swarms to people in our Best Bee Network, which is a coalition of Beekeeper Hobbyists, Small Farms, and Co-Op networks that all seek to strengthen the health of the local bee population. We are proud members of the San Diego Beekeeping Society and also donate time and bees to the Hive Savers Co-op, which is a Southern California Co-op Network dedicated to saving the bees.

We are always looking for new and better ways to maintain bees and aid beekeepers. Feel free to contact us here and let us know if we are missing something great that we can link to this page.

Beekeeping Tips

Bee Best Bee Removal is excited to share some tips and tricks of beekeeping. Most of the tips we provide can be described as “old-school”, but they are tried and true and still work. Check out this video on how to light a bee smoker:

Beekeeping Online Resources

If you would like more information on how to help strengthen the health of our local bee population, here are a variety of recourses:

Knorr Bee Wax