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Interesting Bee Facts in Santee, CA

The community of Santee has several geographical and natural landmarks that make it a haven for bees. The San Diego River which bisects the city offers a generous water source to the local bee population. With over 1,000 acres of land that interface with the San Diego River, bees have a natural breeding ground. Other bee friendly natural habitats located in Santee include Santee Lakes Recreational Parks and Cowles Mountain.

With so many places for bees to thrive in Santee, it’s important for Santee homeowners to take precautionary steps to prevent the bees from entering their homes.

1. Regularly walk the perimeter of your home to see if bees are flying in and out of any cracks, holes, or vents along the walls or roofline
2. If bees are entering your home, take action fast so they don’t build a hive inside the structure.
3. Don’t try to do it yourself. Call us or another bee professional to avoid accident or injury. Bees can be aggressive and they will defend their hive.

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