Removing Bees from your San Diego Home or Business since 1993

/Removing Bees from your San Diego Home or Business since 1993
Removing Bees from your San Diego Home or Business since 1993 2014-07-17T00:09:31+00:00

Bee Best Bee Removal Service is conveniently located in the county of San Diego to handle all of your bee, wasp and other pest control related issues. Attempting bee control without professional training can be dangerous, and it could even potentially lead to bigger issues for you. Instead of putting your yourself, your family or your business at risk, let our experts professionally handle all of your bee removal needs.

Quick Bee Facts about San Diego

1. Downtown San Diego has a unique situation. Because of all the downtown high rises, bees will often infest on the upper levels of the buildings. Many bee removal jobs performed downtown are on or near pool decks and cabanas on the upper levels of high rise buildings.

2. San Diego as a whole has a wide variety of bee problems. Because of the weather Bees are present all year round with the Spring and Summer months being the times where there’s the most activity. We can remove bees alive most of the time and can help you understand it so that issues do not arise or are less of a burden in the future.

Comprehensive Service specific to San Diego

When responding to your service request, our staff members will thoroughly assess your situation and develop a removal strategy based on your unique needs. Not only do we eliminate the pests from in and around your building, they will also provide bee proofing services that are guaranteed for two years. Our skilled team is experienced at handling even the most severe cases, and will eliminate your infestation as safely and efficiently as possible.