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Bee Elimination inside treeBee Best Bee Removal is licensed by the Structural Pest control board and can provide traditional pest control measures whenever necessary. Although we prefer to remove bees live, it’s not always possible.

There are times when wild bees are too aggressive to be rescued and need to be eliminated for public safety. Sometimes the bees are inside a structure that is impossible or very expensive to open, like inside concrete.

Other times the hive may be located near a sensitive site like a school or hospital. If a homeowner is allergic, an elimination may be safer than a live removal. Public safety is always our number one priority. We will not perform a live removal if it puts our clients families, neighbors, and/or pets at risk.

Below are the most common places where an elimination is the best choice for controlling bees.

1. When they are inside a structure that is too expensive to open
2. When the bees display aggressive characteristics and put public safety at risk.
3. When a hive is fully established and it is inside a hard to reach area that can’t be opened.
4. When children, pets, allergic or elderly people may be affected.