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Bee Best Bee Removal Timeline

April 23

The Bee Whisperer is Born

Raised in Linda Vista San Diego
January 1

Tending Boxes at 16

…a haze of odd construction jobs, and attending the school of hard knocks on Beck’s Bee Farm.
January 1

In the Marines

Jeff joins the Marines and serves his country as a young man.
January 1

Back to work on Beck’s Bee Farm

This time as a field rep removing hives from structures. …immersed in all things bee removal.
January 1

Bee Best Bee Removal is born

Jeff feels that he belongs in the Bee Removal field and creates his own business in April of ’93
August 1

Beck Passes Away

Beck dies from a long standing battle with Cancer in July 1993
January 1

Africanized Honey Bee Certified

We became killer bee certified by the PCOC.
January 1

20th Anniversary

Bee Best Bee Removal Inc has reached it’s 20 Year Anniversary of doing business in San Diego.
October 23

Attaining Operators License with the Structural Pest Control Board

After decades of working in the bee removal field, our owner, Jeff Lutz, attained his operators License with the Structural Pest Control Board.