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Jeff Lutz – Owner

Bee Best Bee Removal is a boutique pest control company that offers highly specialized services for the removal of bees and bee hives. Bee Best Bee Removal is one of the few Bee Removal companies in San Diego that is able to offer both live & humane bee removals and also traditional pest control measures to solve your bee problem.  Bee Best Bee Removal has been providing complete bee removal services throughout San Diego County for over 21 years.

Jeff Lutz started Bee Best Bee Removal, Inc. in April, 1993 after working many years in the bee removal profession. As a teenager way back  in 1979, Jeff Lutz learned the ropes of beekeeping during an apprenticeship with Henning Beck, a master bee keeper. After proudly serving in the military and receiving an honorable discharge in the 80’s, Jeff went back to what he loves and resumed working for Beck as a field technician. Sadly, in 1993, Mr. Henning Beck lost a long-standing battle with cancer. To honor Mr. Beck’s teaching, Jeff Lutz continues to pass on his knowledge of bees by mentoring and training his staff with the same spirit he once received as a young man. Since his apprenticeship with Beck, Jeff Lutz has locally owned and operated Bee Best Bee Removal in San Diego since 1993.

Recently, Jeff Lutz formed a partnership with Richard Shepherd and acquired a Branch 2 License from the California Structural Pest Control Board. In addition to Humane and Live Bee Swarm Removals,  Bee Best Bee Removal offers traditional pest control service for other pests: including ants, wasps, and hornets.  Bee Best Bee Removal’s goal is to provide quick, professional, and reliable bee removal service to its customers. Bee Best Bee Removal is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. From apartments and homes to schools and businesses, no job is too large or too small. Bee Best Bee Removal, Inc. offers you skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable service that you can rely on.

These guys are ready to solve your bee problem

These guys are ready to solve your bee problem

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