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About Our Top Bar “Live Stream” Bee Hive Project


YouTube: 24 Hours 7 Days a week

Facebook: They only allow 4 hour segments on their pages so we will go live on Facebook when ever possible.

You can see the previous live streams on our page.

Highlight Videos

Relocating the swarm to the hive

What does a 10 Day hive look like?

Quick Bee Facts

  • Life Span for Bees: 24 days for drones, 21 days for worker bees, and 16 days for queens

  • Over 65% of the bee population in San Diego are Africanized “Killer” Bees

  • It takes a swarm 3 -4 Weeks to create a fully established hive

Funding & Partners

Funding By: Bee Best bee Removal Inc

Technical Support: Louis Nava

Beekeepers: Budd W.  & Audiva